3 reasons for our commitment

No jobs

We don't find jobs after finishing our apprenticeship or studies in many fields like hospitality, tourism, retail. Even if there are jobs, we are competing with adults with extensive professional experience.
Finding apprenticeships is also a challenge for us. There is a shortage of up to 20,000 apprenticeships and the consequences will be felt forĀ  long time. Besides, how are we supposed to learn anything if we are on a furlough scheme? We want to work. We want our dignity back!

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Psychological problems

We are mentally at the limit, afraid for our future. We suffer from the restriction of contacts. Making contacts as well as physical closeness is important for our social, physical and personal development. We suffer from loneliness and lack of perspective. Before the pandemic, just 3% of people in our age group had symptoms of severe depression, according to a study by the University of Basel. In November 2021 it was already 18%. We can`t TAKE IT ANY MORE!

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We lose our youth

Camaraderie, friendships, relationships. We also miss out on leisure activities. We miss important milestones such as LAP celebration, Matura celebration, the first trip without parents. This is despite the fact that we are the least endangered group in terms of health. We finally want to live in freedom again.

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