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MASS-VOLL! is an independent political movement that fights for a Switzerland in which everyone can live freely, self-determined and without discrimination. We stand up for a humane policy of tolerance and mutual respect. Because basic rights belong to all people - regardless of skin colour, religion, profession, gender, income or vaccination status!

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MASS-VOLL ! 6003 Lucerne CHF: CH08 0077 8214 9839 6200 1 EUR: CH51 0077 8214 9839 6200 3 Swift: LUKBCH2260A

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The tax offices mainly grant the status "non-profit" to associations that support the prevailing system. We, however, want to change it in favor of all people! In this respect, the movement MASS-VOLL! is officially not a "non-profit association" and can therefore also not send donation statements for tax statements.

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All donations are used exclusively to achieve the association's goals. We work efficiently and cost-saving. All activists at MASS-VOLL! have worked on a voluntary basis since the beginning.


CH08 0077 8214 9839 6200 1

6003, Lucerne

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Of course, there are many other ways you can support our movement. We have listed some examples here. You can also contact us at any time. We are looking forward to it!

Come to our peaceful demos. Because together we are strong.
Talk to friends, families and acquaintances about us.
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