Petition: Immediate investigation against Federal President Berset for betrayal of secrets and suspicion of stock market insider trading in his environment

The President of the Swiss Confederation, Alain Berset, was interrogated for 7 hours by the extraordinary public prosecutor of the Swiss Confederation, Peter Marti. During this interrogation, Alain Berset was not cooperative and often refused to testify in order not to incriminate himself. This behavior is, of course, entitled to any accused person. Nevertheless, it is not compatible with his role as Federal President and Federal Councillor. In addition, there is still a concrete suspicion that people in Alain Berset's closest circle have enriched themselves by illegally exploiting price-sensitive insider information through stock market speculation. We demand a transparent and immediate investigation of this historic state crisis on the political and criminal level!

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There is no alternative to the immediate resignation of President Alain Berset. He must not be allowed to obstruct the investigation by remaining in office for the time being. This crisis of state must come to an end immediately for the good of Switzerland and its institutions.

If Alain Berset is not prepared to resign, we believe that the criminal investigators must immediately demand that Alain Berset's immunity be lifted and that the Federal Assembly suspend him from office.