Enough is enough. Let's get our freedom back!

The Corona-related coercive measures are doing far more damage than the virus.

Package of measures in favour of the media

For the Federal Council and Parliament, it is not enough that the SRG is financed with compulsory fees.
In addition, the radio and TV stations of the corporate media receive 81 million francs from the SRG fees every year.

Now rich media groups are to be subsidised to the tune of 178 million fran cs a year and thus made dependent on politics, although they were able to rake in fat profits even in Corona times.

There is additional state support thanks to the reduced value-added tax of about 130 million francs.

The private media cost the taxpayer about 400 million fran cs a year.

Together with the SRG fees, that makes an outrageous 1.7 billion francs a year !

4 Arguments against state media

As the saying goes: "What I eat is what I sing".

Listed corporations and rich publishers definitely do not need subsidies.

State-funded media cannot fulfil their function as the fourth power in the state

State-funded media prevent public debate, destroy media diversity and are poison for democracy.
We want open, free discourse and no media made dependent on the state.

We need independent
media and not state media

State subsidies mean the end of free and independent media in Switzerland.
Journalistic independence is one of the fundamental values of democratic states.

By buying the media, politics is destroying media freedom and freedom of expression.

By deliberately not subsidising free newspapers and free online media, the state cements the harmful media monopolies.
Citizens find it difficult to form an opinion if they are informed in a one-sided way.

Referendum against the two-tier society

The brochure for the vote of 13 June 2021 did not contain all the articles of the Covid 19 law. The articles added later, in the spring session, were missing. The voting booklet contains the version of 26 September 2020. The current version, on which we voted on 13 June 2021, is the version of 01 April 2021. We assume that many voters who approved the Covid law were not aware of the additions.

A new vote on these laws is possible because the amendments to the Covid law from the spring session are subject to a separate referendum.

So we still have a chance to sink the worst amendments at the ballot box!

4 reasons against the Covid law

Extension of power of the executive

(The article that Berset, according to his statement in the SRF Arena, does not know).

This article provides the Federal Council with the legal basis to set the criteria and benchmarks for restrictions. But even worse is the subtly built in possibility to set guideline values for relaxations. This authorisation turns the concept of fundamental rights on its head on a legal basis!

Art. 1a Criteria and benchmarks "The Federal Council shall lay down the criteria and benchmarks for restrictions and facilitations of economic and social life."

Mass monitoring with contact tracing

It started harmlessly: digital contact tracing was once supposed to be voluntary. But with the Covid 19 Act, "politics" is now creating the basis for comprehensive digital tracing, the basis for permanent mass surveillance.

Art. 3 para. 7 letter a Measures in the area of health care
"comprehensive, effective and digital contact tracing".

Two-class society

The Covid certificate to control and restrict citizens is to be introduced, leading us directly into a two-class society! Such a law should be rejected in the strongest possible terms.

Art. 6a Vaccination, test and recovery certificates

The law discriminates against the unvaccinated

Some are allowed to open, others not ... for a year now, nonsense has followed nonsense. But it gets worse: unvaccinated people could have their basic rights revoked! Who will be next? Smokers, overweight people, people who don't do sports? Let's put an end to this state despotism before it's too late.

Art. 3a Vaccinated persons
" No quarantine shall be imposed on persons vaccinated with a Covid 19 vaccine[...]".

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