Enough is enough. Let's get our freedom back!

The Corona-related coercive measures are doing far more damage than the virus.

6 reasons against the Covid law

The law discriminates against the unvaccinated

Some are allowed to open, others are not ... for a year now, nonsense has followed nonsense. But it gets worse:
Unvaccinated people are to be deprived of their basic rights! Who will be next? Smokers, overweight people, people who don't do sports? Let's put an end to this state despotism before it's too late.

Losing rights for shaky compensation

The best help for businesses is to end the harmful measures immediately. The Covid Bill links necessary financial aid to dangerous injustice. There are much better alternatives! For example, compensation should be transferred to a separate law. Rejecting the Covid law will give this solution a real chance.

Mass monitoring with contact tracing

It started harmlessly: digital contact tracing was once supposed to be voluntary. But with the Covid-19 Act, "politics" is now creating the basis for comprehensive digital tracing, the basis for permanent mass surveillance.

Misleading the voter

The leaflet for the 13 June vote does not contain all the articles of the Covid 19 law. The articles that were added later are missing. The voting booklet contains the version of 26 September 2020. The current version we are voting on is the version of 01 July 2021.
Furthermore, the law will remain in force until the end of 2031 if it is adopted. Another 10 years in which our democracy, society, economy and health will be destroyed.

Financial support

The Federal Council argues that if the Covid 19 Act is rejected, the only possibility of financial aid will be lost. However, it is clearly provided for at the constitutional level that the Confederation is obliged to provide compensation in cases of emergency and in particular in cases of material expropriation (forced closure of an economic enterprise)! The legal framework as well as competences for cushioning economic damage are given in the Federal Constitution. Parliament has sufficient instruments to implement the legal solutions in an appropriate form.

BR can authorise medicines without Swissmedic review

According to the Epidemics Act, medicines/vaccinations only have to be tested and approved by Swissmedic, provided there is an epidemic situation. The Covid Act goes even further under Art. 3 lit. c: Swissmedic is disempowered and the examination lies solely with - who is still surprised - the Confederation. This is despite the fact that the 7 politicians in power have no medical background.

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